Hunting in Namibia

Why Namibia

Safe destination

Namibia is among the safest and most stable countries in Africa

Organized hunting industry

Namibia has a highly organized, conservation-focused hunting industry and a government that is very supportive of hunting tourism

Diverse selection of game

Namibia boasts a diverse selection of game animals, including some species found nowhere else

About hunting in Namibia

Hunters who have never been to Africa always wonder which country is the best one for a first safari. The answer: Namibia. With a diversity of terrain and game species, stunning scenery, a stable government, and excellent infrastructure, Namibia offers the opportunity for a traditional African safari without the worry. Namibia’s government is extremely hunter-friendly, and safaris in Namibia typically offer plenty of amenities at an affordable price. The types of hunts available run the gamut from family-run ranches to large game ranches to government-run and community-run conservancies.

If you are looking to fulfill a lifetime dream of hunting mountain zebra, springbok, kudu, buffalo, eland, cheetah, elephant, or the magnificent warrior of the Kalahari, the gemsbok, Namibia is the place. With species found nowhere else, such as the Hartmann mountain zebra, the black-faced impala, and the Damara dik-dik, Namibia has a great deal to offer the experienced African hunter as well. A trip to Namibia offers something for everyone.

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