Q: I am considering booking a hunt, but I am unsure if WGD is the type of outfitter and guide service I am looking for. How would I find out?

A: As stated on our website, WGD is not a ‘cookie-cutter’ operation. A detailed conversation from the point of inquiry…to the point of booking until the day you arrives assures your stay and hunt at ELO is as YOU planned. Your planned hunt will be your experience. Your memory.

Q: I have never hunted in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. What can I expect as far as terrain and the quality of the hunt?

A: Although the Upper Peninsula (commonly referred to as the UP) is part of Michigan, its terrain is much different than its lower counterpart. Most of the UP is remote. The weather is usually more challenging. And, there are a lot less people. The deer hunting can resemble the previously mentioned. At the same time, success rates are good as any other part of state without the overexposure of ‘hunter’s orange’.

Q: Where is Wild Game Dynasty located?

A: We actually have two different operations. One in Montmorency County in the lower peninsula. Our East Lake operation is about 50 minutes straight north of the bridge in Mackinaw County.

Q: I see the prices posted on the website, but what can I expect for my money?

A:  Our fees are fully disclosed. Our outfitting services include prepared meals and lodging. If you are deer hunting with us, as an example, we provide hunts spots with stands or blinds that are fully baited. Blinds have a chair and a heater (if needed). Our clients need to bring their hunting license, hunting weapon, ammo and clothing attire.

Q: Is Wild Game Dynasty a fully licensed and insured guide?

A: Yes, we actually maintain our state and federal permits and are fully insured.

Q: Do you have references that we can contact that hunted with Wild Game Dynasty?

A: Absolutely. Just ask us and we will provide that to you.

Q: Ok, I think I am ready to book a hunt, what does it take to do that?

A: On our website is an inquiry or booking page. It allows you to complete and submit your area of hunting interest. Once we receive it, someone from WGD will email or call you (whichever you prefer) to begin the process. FYI: we require 50% down payment to hold(book) your hunt dates.

Q: What can I expect when I arrive at Wild Game Dynasty?

A: Once we receive your down payment, we will forward you a waiver that each client must sign. We also forward you a list of things to expect, things we provide and things you should consider bringing. Note: We will ask that you arrive the afternoon before your hunt. We get you checked in, familiarize you with your hunts spots and have dinner. Most clients depart the morning after your last hunt…which includes breakfast.

If you have any additional questions, feel more than free to contact us. Or continue on to planning or booking your hunt.