Frozen Waterfalls & Ice Caves

Robert WellerTake A Hike!

What comes to mind when you think of a winter getaway? Probably some place warm right? Maybe a beach somewhere just lying in the sun with a cold drink in your hand. I would have to guess that most people don’t think of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula as a winter destination. I mean unless you are into snowmobiling or skiing why would anyone want to go where it’s colder, right? Well, what if I told you that there are things to see and do in the U.P. during the winter months that you can’t see or … Read More

Lost! – “It’s a helluva feeling, ain’t it?”

Rebecca MorganTake A Hike!

A few years ago when our current home was our cabin and the property was new and less familiar, I went snowshoeing one blustery winter’s day.  Admittedly, I do not have a great sense of direction.  Add to this that I was focused on making my way through deep snow, having only been snowshoeing a few times in my life, and the result was a few moments of panic.  I realized I might be turned around when things were no longer familiar and I came upon some old abandoned buildings I’d never seen before.  This … Read More

A Backpack Fishing Adventure

Jim KushnerFriends of ELO, Take A Hike!

By: Jim Kushner. Not long after moving to northern Michigan I found myself quickly becoming friends with Matt,a local guy. Our common interests, hunting & fishing was of course one of the things that ignited what would become one of those rare friendships that lasts a lifetime. Matt became one of those friends who will spend his days off helping you when you really need it, one of those friends who says “whats mine is yours” and means it. Of course it was not always that way. When I first found out about Matt’s interest … Read More

Dealing With The Whimsies Of Mother Nature

Tom LounsburyBucks n Bears, Friends of ELO, Take A Hike!

By:  Tom Lounsbury. The 2017 firearms deer season was real interesting, not to mention somewhat challenging in regards to weather, at least in my Thumb area. Opening morning although a touch breezy was at least dry, but you could sense wet weather was on the way, which arrived around noon with the increased wind intensity of a typhoon. It didn’t take me long to put boots on the ground, because trying to accurately hit the mark from my weaving ladder-stand, would have been similar to trying to shoot from the back of a galloping horse. … Read More

Where Are The Brakes On Skiis !!?

Tom LounsburyTake A Hike!

By:  Tom Lounsbury. This certainly has been an unusual winter here in the Thumb. The atmosphere mostly represented spring-like weather, and a lack of snow, which in turn may have prevented me from getting a few “lumps”. Then just recently over a foot of snow (my 14 inch rubber chore boots are topped out in the white-stuff) dropped down on our farm, almost overnight. Old Man Winter seems to be making up for lost time, which has me pondering taking advantage of it. I must admit I’m not much of a skier. I tried downhill … Read More

A Celebration And You’re Invited!

Wild Game DynastyTake A Hike!

Celebrate National Winter Trails Day January 7th with Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore chapter (HSS) of the North Country Trail Association or on your own if you are adventurous. The celebration is designed to introduce the public to winter trail sport activities that are available to the EUP community and visitors all day long throughout the winter season. The event is planned so that participants can enjoy one or more of the event options from early AM to well after dark! Those wishing to begin their day early in the winter woods can ski the Hiawatha National Forest … Read More

Enjoying The Journey

Wild Game DynastyTake A Hike!

As the saying goes, “it’s not the destination, but the journey that is most remembered”.  If this is true I hope to be constantly heading in that direction.  It is notoriously where all the fun is…where expectations are held high.  The Land Of Superior has offered that to a lot of folks – including those that live there, eh? As I headed towards one of my hunting spots one morning I was quickly reminded of one simple reason for enjoying the journey.  It was early November and cold, but very picturesque.   No need for ear … Read More

The Best Days Are “Ahead Of Us”

Wild Game DynastyTake A Hike!

The phrase “take a hike” has a connotation that can offend some people.   Well, not in this part of the world!   That phrase, this time of year, can imply lacing up some boots, applying layers and topping your other extremities with warm gloves and the famous Stormy Kromer.   Many people find the best place to “take a hike”  on an  established trail.   Those trails can be old logging roads…commonly referred as two-tracks, or a less traveled side road…a trail that offers the pristine beauty of Nature without the noise pollution of a motorized vehicle.  Well, … Read More

An extraordinary hike!

Wild Game DynastyTake A Hike!

As always, deer camp chores were in abundance.  Getting ready for the upcoming flux of hunters was tugging at my conscious of heading north to take in the fall colors.   Then along spoke my wife, Becky.  “Hey, how about if I tag along with you this trip?”   My response was much like Tim Taylor on the TV series Home Improvement.   Becky sensed my surprise and doubled-down by making arrangements to take a couple days off work…making our excursion a ‘looong weekend’. While we began to pack-up to head north I began my full disclosure to … Read More

Exhilaration on foot

Wild Game DynastyTake A Hike!

It’s exhilarating to be on foot in the woods, with the knowledge that if you head left and follow the trail, you’ll end up in North Dakota.  If you hang a right, you’ll end up in New York. It gives me chills to ponder this type of decision in light of all of the daily choices I make. Imagine wandering off, with only shelter, water and food to worry about as you move across the nation at a pace not often experienced in our modern world.  When you complete a long trail like this in … Read More