I Got Hooked On Canadian Walleye Fishing

Robert WellerFishing

When I met my wife, we would get together and play cards with her parents and once in a while.  As time went on and we got married, that tradition continued. My father in law, Robert and I  share an interest in the outdoors so the conversation over those card games eventually turned  to hunting or fishing. I’m more of a deer hunter than a fisherman but fishing has been something  that I have enjoyed since I was a small boy when my grandfather used to take me. Robert loves  to fish and has been … Read More

Spring Sucker Fishing Is A Great Outdoor Adventure

Tom LounsburyFishing, Spring Fling

   Sucker fishing is right at the top of my springtime agenda, and I have my special haunts for applying the various fishing techniques. The multiple sucker fish species in Michigan get a bit of a bum rap from some folks who consider them to be a trash fish on the order of carp, which is very incorrect. Suckers get their name from their fleshy lipped mouths located on the underside of their heads and are for a fact, bottom feeders. However, they are what I call “clean bottom feeders” in that they feed only … Read More