The Legendary “Trash Panda”

Tom LounsburyA Companion Trap line

The raccoon gets its name from the Algonquin word “aroughcoune”, meaning “he scratches with his hands”. Raccoons are unique in possessing thumbs (although not opposable) which allow them to gain access to many items, such as taking the lids off garbage cans, hence the nickname “Trash Panda”. Being very adaptable, the raccoon is at home in the woods as well as in urban settings, including even thriving in big cities. Toronto, for example, is known for being the raccoon capital of North America. The development of civilization has been kind to the raccoon, because it … Read More

Dealing With The Whimsies Of Mother Nature

Tom LounsburyBucks n Bears, Friends of ELO, Take A Hike!

By:  Tom Lounsbury. The 2017 firearms deer season was real interesting, not to mention somewhat challenging in regards to weather, at least in my Thumb area. Opening morning although a touch breezy was at least dry, but you could sense wet weather was on the way, which arrived around noon with the increased wind intensity of a typhoon. It didn’t take me long to put boots on the ground, because trying to accurately hit the mark from my weaving ladder-stand, would have been similar to trying to shoot from the back of a galloping horse. … Read More

Trapping Came Early

Wild Game DynastyA Companion Trap line

Growing up in southern Michigan meant a lot of things…to me.  My Dad worked for a job shop making parts for the automotive industry.   Mom cooked and cleaned and went grocery shopping each Friday because it was payday.  Our parents took us to a few Tigers games each year…parking in a nearby empty lot because of a torn down building.  We also felt we had the best of both worlds…the big city opportunities in an hour, or so drive while living in the middle of “outdoor life”.   Our outdoor life took on many meanings but … Read More

A High Calling – Managing Our Resources (w/3 part podcast).

Wild Game DynastyA Companion Trap line

This past fall was a successful and fun filled hunting season being able to build new friendships and developing my skills as a hunter and trapper in Michigan’s Great Upper Peninsula. I’m an Active Duty Coast Guardsmen, and last fall was my first time back in Michigan for the past three years.  Stationed in Sault Ste. Marie I could not wait to get back into Beaver Trapping. Going through my traps that were left behind at my parents’ house for the past few years I decided to part with a few, and add some more … Read More