It is that time of year to begin harvesting the sweet bounty of the woodlands

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By:  Tom Lounsbury. The full, silver-tinted moon recently beaming out of a cloudless night sky let me know it was going to be a real cold night. The following day’s temperature was predicted to reach the mid-forties, a perfect situation to trigger sap to begin flowing in maple trees. The month of March is typically the key timeframe to begin harvesting the sweet bounty of the woodlands known as maple syrup. Actually, it is a time-steeped process which goes back eons, beginning with Native Americans, who would boil the maple sap down to sugar form, … Read More

Mine Is A Marlin 336 In A .35 Remington!

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By: Jim Kushner. It is that time of year when there is not a whole lot going on in the world of hunting & fishing. Depending on where you live in the State of Michigan there may be good ice or not. There are some predator hunters or trappers still out there but mainly it’s that time when you are either preparing for the spring turkey hunt or in my case, just thinking about hunting. Lately, I am thinking and doing a lot of reading about rifles & cartridges. My focus on long guns has … Read More