Restoring An Old 870 Wingmaster

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My buddy Jim loves to go to auction sales. So when his son Nick told him that he wanted to buy a 12 gauge shotgun for deer hunting here in Michigan, it was no surprise to me when Jim called me to ask what kind of gun he should keep his eye out for when he was visiting auctions in the area. Obviously there are several good shotguns out there but I told Jim, if he wanted to buy a used shotgun, he could hardly go wrong if he picked up an old Remington 870 … Read More

Why You Should Support The Hearing Protection Act

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Originally introduced by Representative Matt Salmon (R-AZ) all the way back in October 2015, H.R. 3799, better known as the Hearing Protection Act of 2015, was a bill that could completely revolutionize life for hunters and shooters in the United States. What Is The Hearing Protection Act? You can read the full text of the bill here, but put simply, the Hearing Protection Act would remove suppressors from regulation under the National Firearms Act of 1934 and would treat suppressors just like rifles and shotguns. Specifically, this bill would allow people to purchase a suppressor after simply … Read More

Silencer Central Banish Backcountry Review: Read Before Buying!

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Note:  Originally published on The Big Game Hunting Blog by John McAdams and used with permission here… By: John McAdams I think the Banish Backcountry suppressor is a fantastic silencer for those who want a compact and lightweight hunting suppressor that still does a good job of reducing the report of a rifle. I explain why I feel that way in this Banish Backcountry review. Many hunters and shooters likely fall into one of two categories when it comes to suppressors. Those in the first category likely view suppressors as exotic shooting accessories only used in movies or … Read More