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As the saying goes, “it’s not the destination, but the journey that is most remembered”.  If this is true I hope to be constantly heading in that direction.  It is notoriously where all the fun is…where expectations are held high.  The Land Of Superior has offered that to a lot of folks – including those that live there, eh?

As I headed towards one of my hunting spots one morning I was quickly reminded of one simple reason for enjoying the journey.  It was early November and cold, but very picturesque.   No need for ear buds, no need for radio personalities Bob & Tom and no need for polished shoes.  My chore was hauling a bit of deer feed to a few locations, checking trail cameras, sipping hot coffee in between and then heading back to camp.

Back at camp I remembered that a handful of red squirrels ratted me out that day, a few deer spooked when I shared the woods, at least one gray wolf stood from afar and watched me go about my business and a big ole’ palliated wood pecker was irritated that I stood next to his tree.   It was at that time I checked the venison burger in the fridge to see if it was thawed enough to cook a burger.  It was!  A decision was made to cook two instead of a side dish.  Good call.

Catching most of Michigan-Out-Of-Doors was a bonus as my eye lids were taking over other potentials.  Another dose of firewood in the Vermont Castings and morning was the itinerary.

Rinse & repeat!

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