“Our Friend Maggie” (w/podcast)

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Each year mid-winter brings a batch of new excitement.  For me, it’s the time for some tweener stuff.  My fall hunts for clients are behind me, but the turkey hunts are calling off in the distance.  So, with that in mind, I reconnect with cross country skiing and most anything with my family…especially, my wife.  Well, when I was invited to spend a day bobcat and coyote hunting not far from home I couldn’t hold back.   I don’t think my wife had the same response…but, it was only ‘a day’, eh.    Besides, it was time … Read More

Enjoying The Journey

Wild Game DynastyTake A Hike!

As the saying goes, “it’s not the destination, but the journey that is most remembered”.  If this is true I hope to be constantly heading in that direction.  It is notoriously where all the fun is…where expectations are held high.  The Land Of Superior has offered that to a lot of folks – including those that live there, eh? As I headed towards one of my hunting spots one morning I was quickly reminded of one simple reason for enjoying the journey.  It was early November and cold, but very picturesque.   No need for ear … Read More

The Best Days Are “Ahead Of Us”

Wild Game DynastyTake A Hike!

The phrase “take a hike” has a connotation that can offend some people.   Well, not in this part of the world!   That phrase, this time of year, can imply lacing up some boots, applying layers and topping your other extremities with warm gloves and the famous Stormy Kromer.   Many people find the best place to “take a hike”  on an  established trail.   Those trails can be old logging roads…commonly referred as two-tracks, or a less traveled side road…a trail that offers the pristine beauty of Nature without the noise pollution of a motorized vehicle.  Well, … Read More

Increase In Bear Licenses Essential

Wild Game DynastyBucks n Bears

By:  Richard P. Smith. Even though there are now more black bears in parts of the UP than whitetail deer and that lopsided situation could worsen if bear license quotas are not increased significantly, the DNR does not plan on recommending any change in the number of bear licenses issued during 2016 because bear regulations are on a 2-year cycle. In other words, bear license quotas are supposed to remain the same as in 2015. The only way to change that mindset is for concerned bear and deer hunters who want to see the fledgling … Read More

“Rabbitat” -yesterday, today & tomorrow!

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Someone recently told me that he was upset with the fact that the “Base License” in Michigan’s hunting license process now forces him in reality to purchase a small game license when his only real outdoor interest is deer hunting. He clearly felt he was being forced, in a manner of speaking, to purchase something entirely useless in his regard. My response to him was to go small game hunting and get his money’s worth because he didn’t know what he was missing. Personally I don’t have a problem with the Base License issue and … Read More

For The Love Of Bow Hunting!

Wild Game DynastyBucks n Bears

When I was a kid, maybe six or seven years old, my Dad took up bow hunting. I remember watching him shoot his Bear recurve in the back yard and I was hooked.  I couldn’t wait to start shooting a bow. My first real bow was a green, fiberglass recurve with a white rubber handle that doubled as an arrow rest. I think it was all of 30 or 35lbs. draw weight. We shot wood arrows with glue on tips and feather fletching. I don’t remember there being any particular attention paid to matching arrows … Read More

Where Did Your Love Of Deer Hunting Come From?

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It was a long time ago but as a little kid I remember my Dad coming home from deer camp dressed in a pair of red & black wool pants, a black leather belt with a Marbles knife and a short section of rope on it. It was always a big deal to touch his week long beard, being a career firefighter this was the only time Dad was not clean shaven. Deer camp was an old camper trailer hauled to a section of State land with the family station wagon. Dad and his brothers … Read More

A Fall Bear Hunt At Spring Lake (w/Video)

Wild Game DynastyBucks n Bears

I checked and rechecked my backpack so many times, my wife thought the Velcro and zippers would be wore out. With bow and bait, Gary and I started the mile walk into the Mackinac Wilderness. Our destination was a strategically placed ladder stand, 25 yards from the bait sight. My first contact with ELO and Gary Morgan was from a laptop at the dinner table of a friend in AZ.in early 2014. I remembered Mike Avery speaking of ELO, and thought this was a place to start my quest for the first hunt in the … Read More

Roosters And A Good Cup Of Coffee (w/Video)

Wild Game DynastyFriends of ELO

Forty some years ago I remember waiting at the front window for my Dad to pull into the driveway, for I knew we were going pheasant hunting until dark.  As soon as the ’68 Tempest drove in I could see my Dad making eye contact with me.   He knew I had all my chores done and all that was left was getting ‘Dusty’, our setter, into the trunk of the car.  With a slip knot leaving a small vent, we’d take off.  As usual, I’d watch my Dad move the column shifter around as we … Read More

Making Sense Of Deer Scents.

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Probably the most overlooked sense of humans as predators is the sense of smell. Yet we move through a world filled with odors, many of which can even jog the memory of past events. The odor of freshly baked pumpkin pie and roasted turkey for instance puts me in mind of Thanksgiving every time. The combined odor of Hoppe’s gun solvent and freshly brewed coffee reminds me of deer camp. Military snipers are a key example of tuning in all their senses, including that of smell, to locate their opponents. When in the field, snipers … Read More