A Winter-Wonderland Travel To Yellowstone – “Experience the Magic”

Bruce TerBeekConservation & Wildlife Management

A thumbnail sketch of the wonders of Yellowstone through the eyes of our dear WGD’s friends, Bruce & Nancy Ter Beek…worldly travelers-extraordinaire…”Thanks for sharing!” My wife and I spent ten days exploring our first national park.  Yellowstone National Park was created in 1872.   The Department of the Army managed the 2.2 million acre reserve for over 40 years until the National Park Service was created. This was my 10th trip to this spectacular place, but my first winter experience.  Yellowstone never disappoints.  From May through September the park is crowded with over two million visitors.  … Read More

Another U.P. Deer Hunting Experience

Bruce TerBeekBucks n Bears, East Lake Buzz, Friends of ELO

By:  Bruce Ter Beek. It has been almost ten years ago since I first contacted Gary Morgan at Wild  Game Dynasty and scheduled my first hunt with him.  In my previous article for Wild Game Dynasty I wrote about my first deer hunt  with my dad at age ten. He taught me to be a steward of the land and of our  game resources, to hunt ethically, and how to practice conservation. For nearly  the next six decades November 15th was our “new years day” as we prepared  for the next season. After his passing, … Read More


Bruce TerBeekFriends of ELO

By:  Bruce  Ter Beek. Last June my wife Nancy and I had just returned from a four week European trip.  We were both tired and suffering from jet lag.   She said she was all adventured out and just wanted to enjoy our home but commented “You have that funny look on your face.  What are you planning now?” “Africa” I replied.  Thus began the odyssey of a life time. Over the next few weeks we defined the type of trip we wanted to take.  We both wanted to learn about the culture of the people … Read More

Deer season was marked by three milestone events

Bruce TerBeekBucks n Bears, Friends of ELO, Youth Hunts

This season marked my 60th consecutive season hunting Michigan whitetails.  When i was twelve my dad convinced my mother that I was old enough to join him and my uncle in their annual hunting trip.  was I excited!  camping in a tent and sleeping on a bed of straw covered with a canvas tarp.  My first rifle!  Dad had single shot 16 ga. shot gun with an interchangeable .30-30 rifle barrel.  I wanted a lever action Winchester like his but dad insisted that the single shot was a better choice for me.  Dad stressed marksmanship.  … Read More