2023 Turkey Season; More Great Memories With Dad

Keith KinyonHunting Stories & Adventures, Spring Fling

By:  Keith Kinyon. I have hunted and fished with my dad since I was 12 years old.  Some of my very best memories are experiences afield and on the water with my dad there to share the moment.  This year, with my dad approaching his 84th birthday in a month, we were able to share a turkey hunt that unfolded quickly and had all the components of an exciting hunt. This story started back in December when I had a group of 14 Toms and Jakes that made their way through my property every day.  … Read More

Wild Game Dynasty December 3rd Muzzleloader Buck-2022

Keith KinyonFriends of ELO

By:  Keith Kinyon. The second day of Michigan’s muzzleloader season, 2022, I harvested a 4 point buck, using my dad’s muzzleloader & overlooking a cedar swamp next to the Thunder Bay River in Atlanta Michigan.  I took a half day off work on Thursday and drove up to put my shooting sticks and seat cushions in the pop up blind.  I sat all day on Friday, from 6:30 am until 5:30 pm and never saw a deer.  Not one.  Long sit.  Thankfully, there were birds, squirrels, and even a few partridge that kept me company … Read More

Atlanta Muzzle Loading Adventures

Keith KinyonBucks n Bears, Friends of ELO

  By:  Keith Kinyon. For the 2021 muzzleloader season I headed north to Atlanta Michigan, just like I had for the previous two seasons, to hunt with Gary Morgan of Wild Game Dynasty.  The 2019 season Gary acquired a new 40 acre piece of property to hunt and what a surprise that turned out to be for me!  I shot a nice 9pt. that is the biggest buck I’ve taken during muzzleloader season.  The 2020 season is a blur, not having had as much time to go up and hunt, I did not harvest a … Read More

Mid-Michigan Magic

Keith KinyonSpring Fling

By Keith Kinyon. I was fortunate enough to get permission to hunt a 160 acre piece of property in Northern Midland County for the 2017 turkey season. The owner of the farm did not want me to use a pop up blind, decoys, or a turkey call.  “You don’t need all those gimmicks,” he said.  The sharp-eyed 70 year-olds farm held a huge number of turkeys and I felt lucky to be able to hunt there so I was not about to question him too much.  The first evening I ignored his advice on where … Read More