Quarting Berries – A Summer Pastime

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Wild berry picking has become a tradition for some in our family.  This began with my dad as far back as I can remember.  Oftentimes these berries were picked in Atlanta, my dad’s old stomping grounds, as a 1948 graduate of Atlanta High School.  He knew where to find them, whether wild blueberries or blackberries.  Over time the landscape has changed and some of these patches have migrated.  But who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?  And fresh berries are most certainly a treasure!  Between the many pies, and homemade wine, my dad’s pursuit of … Read More

The Legend of “Mrs. T” lives on – Snappers with a purpose!

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The original Mrs. T was so named many years ago due to her scrunched-up facial resemblance to Mr. T and his ever-present scowl.  If you recall, Mr. T starred in the 1980’s action series, The A Team.  Thus, we are many generations removed, yet her legend lives on through her progeny. Memorial Day Weekend fell a few days early this year, and as such, the annual journey of snapping turtles to attempt the continuation of their species took place a few days after, on May 28 and 29.  And so I was blessed to observe … Read More

The Third Time is The Charm

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“At last, the skies above are blue” …. And he’s not blue anymore.  Hmmm, of whom could I be speaking?  Well of one who finally landed his dream turkey, of course.  What started out as a hunting opportunity soon escalated into somewhat of an obsession.  This is his story through his wife’s eyes… The time it takes to shoot a turkey is brief, but when you consider the time involved with getting to that point, there’s much more to be said. This story takes place in Montmorency County, in what is known as big timber … Read More

Sound the Alarm!

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Cabin for Rent Drone Video Footage

That’s what the trout do when I enter the fishing stream.  Not that I’m much of a threat, mind you.  My timing is off, and I struggle to get the hook tied on tightly enough with my osteoarthritis.  Yet I still find fishing in the stream so enjoyable.  On the rare occasion that I do snag an actual trout, for me this is quite a celebration.  It’s a good thing that we’re not relying on me for our sustenance.   So not expecting success allows me to put my efforts into astute observation.  And this is … Read More

“Busy As A Bee” Season

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After a quiet winter, at least in respect to wildlife, there’s a lot of buzz going on in the outdoors, and I don’t mean the bees or gossip.  As I go for my almost daily walks, I never cease to hear or see something that fills me with wonder.   I often hear what I refer to as the percussion section, with a well-played drumroll from an unseen partridge, let’s call him Danny from the Partridge Family (Okay, I’m dating myself here.) This soft drumroll also reminds me of the days when I could hear the … Read More

All That and a Bag of Chips!

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You don’t have to hunt to enjoy the great outdoors.  Being newly retired and living further north has provided me with ample opportunity to enjoy what’s all around me.  I have a newfound understanding of why many hunters are so passionate about the hunt.  I’ve learned that it’s not just about the hunt, but everything in between, as in truth, how many hunting adventures actually result in meat?  The meat is great, God put it there for us. But it seems that hunting is so much more.  I hope you enjoy a non-hunter’s interpretation of … Read More

Lost! – “It’s a helluva feeling, ain’t it?”

Rebecca MorganTake A Hike!

A few years ago when our current home was our cabin and the property was new and less familiar, I went snowshoeing one blustery winter’s day.  Admittedly, I do not have a great sense of direction.  Add to this that I was focused on making my way through deep snow, having only been snowshoeing a few times in my life, and the result was a few moments of panic.  I realized I might be turned around when things were no longer familiar and I came upon some old abandoned buildings I’d never seen before.  This … Read More

The Retirement Of A Legendary Fishing Rod

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By: Rebecca Morgan. My dad fished a lot over his many years.  He’d take me fishing every now and then, but as a child, I never really understood the allure.  Distracted with the things of childhood, and then later as an adult raising children, I didn’t really make time to appreciate this complex yet simple sport. I remember my dad organizing many a fishing trip to Canada, his oftentimes weekly trips to Atlanta to challenge or be challenged by the many difficult to access fishing streams. The hunt for the elusive stream trout demanded patience, … Read More