Is Michigan’s Bear Season Poised For Change?

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As a avid bear hunter since the 1980s (mostly over bait and a property owner of 100 acres in the Eastern upper peninsula), I strongly believe we should separate the Bait & Hound seasons. The conflict and animosity between bait hunters and houndsmen has steadily grown. Since I have been hunting I personally have felt the the aggravation and pain of spending a large amount of time, effort, and money in a bear hunt only to have it ruined by houndsmen’s dogs tracking and running bears off my bait. No matter how deep in the woods you go and even on my personal posted property (I know dogs can’t read posted signs or honor property lines but houndsmen can), it continues to happen. I strongly believe that separating the seasons would be the best answer to end this conflict. I personally will never be bullied or feel intimidated by a group of houndsman on my personal property again.
An aging bear hunter
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