Wild Game Dynasty wants to assure your hunt meets or exceeds your expectations. And, with that in mind, as you know, a good plan is important. Take a moment to make your selections below. But, don’t stop there…give us some information about yourself and anyone that will be hunting and/or staying with us. Let us help you make the best of your WGD experience!

We operate under the local, state and federal laws. We have taken great care to assure your stay with us is, most importantly,…safe!



Deer – Probably our signature/most requested guided hunts…deer hunting in Michigan’s UP offers the mystique of waiting for that heavy-bodied/antlered UP buck. As many already know, the terrain is diverse, remote and challenging…not so much for you…but for the Whitetail Deer. You probably won’t find yourself sitting on the edge of a huge farm field glassing a few dozen deer each night waiting to see if one has legal antlers. Rather, sitting in a pinch-point knowing that the unofficial doe-to-buck ratio is sometimes 50%. As your dad may have said before, “patience, young man…patience!”

Turkey – Our Northern Lower Peninsula camp is our best set-up for turkey hunting. We are in the heart of Montmorency County…unit A. WGD’s Crooked Creek Camp, as we call it…is also a complete set up…offering room and board comforts to make your stay comfortable. Our guides are frequently requested to hunt hard, but set aside a few hours to go fishing, mushroom picking, etc.    We like those requests! Especially ending the day watching a Tiger ballgame in the living room.

Bear – WGD’s UP camp sits in the heart of the eastern peninsula…arguably one of the state’s healthiest bear populations. With the Taquamenon escarpment (a natural bear habitat) at our ‘doorstep’…we can have you at your hunt stand in minutes, yet be in the middle of ‘nowhere’. WGD also offers Red Oak Unit bear hunts on a limited basis. Most of our bear hunts are usually scheduled for September, however, October hunts are available.

How many accumulated points will it take?


Duck – WGD sits at one of the EUP’s best duck hunting lakes…nearly 1000 acres at your pleasure. Most hunters prefer to bring their own dogs and sometimes decoys. We can supply a boat/motor, canoes. For a DIY-type of hunt, our rates are going to be hard to beat…customize your type of hunt to meet your budget.


Partridge – With plenty of access to thousands of acres of hunting land, WGD can ‘map out’ your best time spent pointing and flushing birds. With plenty of drumming heard from the steps of the camp, we are confident your opportunities are in abundance.


Woodcock – WGD sits in a natural migration flyover for Woodcock. Like partridge hunting, you will notice a mix of terrain, manage bird habitat areas, etc. to maximize your time looking for the timberdoodles.




We’ve included some links below to make sure you understand your responsibilities under the law. The first link is the ability to take a certified hunter’s safety course. Most hunters have already met this state requirement or are “grandfathered”. The second link is your online connection to getting a State of Michigan hunting and/or fishing license. Have this done before you arrive to WGD. The third link is the online MDNR hunting guidebook. Although this is not the complete list of hunting/fishing laws…it is the same guidebook you receive when you purchase your license (in person) at a vendor.

Check out Wild Game Dynasty’s Pro Archery endorsement!


Our WGD’s East Lake accommodations are clean and comfortable. With all the amenities of home, This U.P. camp offers comfortable beds, hot showers, plenty of food; prepared for your enjoyment and snacks available at your leisure. With ample leisure space, clients can experience time to catch up on reading their favorite book near the fireplace or engaging in a card game or conversation with fellow hunters.

Our WGD’s Crooked Creek Ranch accommodations are equally clean and comfortable with the amenities of home. Whether its the EL UP camp or this camp we have room for you and your gear. If bringing a dog for hunting, you are welcome to keep your dog inside…although our camps are clean…we understand and accommodate ‘our best friends’.


Our 2023 standard fees for Michigan guided hunts include food and lodging.

  1. Deer (Michigan): $1200 for a four-day hunt. Additional days considered.
  2. Deer (Missouri): $6000 for a group of (up to) 4 for five days. Semi-DIY style hunts. These hunts require advanced hunting skill sets. Our Missouri hunts do not provide food/lodging.
  3. Bear: Ranges from $1700 for a five day hunt, with additional days added, if available.
  4. Turkey: $750 for a two and a half day hunt
  5. Turkey (Florida):  $2000 for a three day hunt (wild hog hunting available)

Special Requests

If you have any special concerns regarding your hunt – i.e. dietary or physical limitations of ANY kind, please make sure to include them on the booking form in order to allow Wild Game Dynasty to give you the best hunt possible. Please also fill out this section if you have a request for a specific date for your hunt.