Nature’s most amazing earth excavator

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The old tongue-twister “how much wood can a woodchuck chuck” isn’t all that accurate because a woodchuck doesn’t chuck on any sort of wood, and in fact its name doesn’t relate to the woods at all. It got its official title from early English settlers who corrupted the Native American (Algonquian) name for this ground-dwelling rodent they called “wuchak”.  Woodchucks actually prefer more open ground and due to the settlement process of this country that cleared forests to make way for agriculture, it would be to the woodchuck’s advantage. There is little doubt more woodchucks … Read More

A Thompson Center Encore .450 Bushmaster

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Thompson Center Arms, as you may know, is famous for producing the very popular Encore rifle and Contender pistol platforms. These platforms were known for being very accurate single shot firearms with interchangeable barrels. Their slogan was “One gun, for all your hunts.” On January 4, 2007, Thompson Center Arms was purchased by Smith & Wesson. On December 8, 2010, Smith & Wesson announced the original Rochester, New Hampshire plant would be closed and manufacturing was transferred to Springfield, Massachusetts. In Late May, 2022 Smith & Wesson closed down the TC line completely. However, in … Read More

Summertime plinking while dealing with the “red menacing horde “

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Spring and summer this year have proven to be a tad interesting, not to mention challenging, due to an ongoing invasion by very prolific red squirrels around our home and outbuildings. Of course, our living in the woods, so to speak, tends to quantify matters. We had quite a number of both gray and fox squirrels around our home, which we always enjoyed watching, and then the little red squirrels began appearing, just a few at first, but recently had become epidemic in numbers with them everywhere. At first, I had a “live and let … Read More

Bow Hunting On A Budget

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Are you considering bow hunting but aren’t sure if you can afford all of the equipment that everyone says you “need”? I’m here to tell you that you can get started bow hunting for far less money than most people will tell you.  Before we get started, there is one piece of equipment that I will say is an absolute must. As I am a certified Bow Hunter Safety instructor, it would be wrong of me not to stress how important a good quality safety harness and life line are. Don’t leave the ground until … Read More

Ladies Preparing To Take Aim

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The largest demographic in the outdoors today is women and girls getting involved with every aspect, including hunting, fishing, shooting, archery and you name it. What was once thought of as being “men and boys only” outdoor endeavors are now definitely a thing of a bygone era.  In the not too distant past, ladies had to adapt to outdoor clothing and gear primarily designed for men, but not so today. Outdoors related manufacturers, including clothing, firearms and archery tackle have taken a very serious look at the role women now play in the outdoors. I … Read More

The magical atmosphere of fishing during the “Dog Days” of summer

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When July eases in, I automatically start longing to go wade-fishing on the nearby Upper Reaches of the Cass River, something I have been doing since childhood. Early July and all the way through the month of August represent what are known as the “Dog Days” of summer. I used to think this timeframe, typically featuring warm and sultry weather, was so named because the usual heat was hard on dogs. However, this is referring to a very bright star, named Sirius, which becomes visible during that timeframe as it arcs across the southern horizon … Read More

The Amazing Hummingbird Way of Life

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Several years back, when my wife Ginny and I visited an Embera Indian village along a river in the Panama jungle during mid-March while on a side trip during a Caribbean cruise, we saw an amazing multitude of beautiful butterflies and dragonflies, as well as plenty of colorful hummingbirds, even involving many different species we had never seen before. Ginny purchased a delicate, wooden hummingbird that had been hand-carved by the Embera tribal leader, and this is because the hummingbird is a tiny migratory bird which is very dear to our hearts, and we look … Read More

Exploration Adventures in Yooper-land

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There is a unique sense of entering an isolated, slower-paced and back-to-nature atmosphere after crossing the Mackinac bridge into the Upper Peninsula. At least that is the way it is with my wife, Ginny, and me. Our destination was Baraga, where the Michigan Outdoor Writers Association (MOWA) was holding its annual conference at the Baraga Lakeside Inn, which is located right on the shore of Lake Superior and offers great accommodation and food (the meals prepared by chef Doug Smith were outstanding). Baraga is located on Lake Superior near the southeast corner of the Keweenaw … Read More

We Went To Moab & Rented A Jeep

Robert WellerTake A Hike!

A couple of years ago I started watching a you tube channel called Trail Mater. The channel is all about off road recoveries in Moab, Utah. Last summer my wife, Cathy, asked me what I wanted to do for our 25th wedding anniversary. I said, “Let’s go to Moab and see if we can meet Trail Mater!” She just looked at me with a big smile on her face and said, “are you serious?” To which I replied, “Heck yeah, why not?” After realizing that I was not joking Cathy was immediately on board with … Read More

Quarting Berries – A Summer Pastime

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Wild berry picking has become a tradition for some in our family.  This began with my dad as far back as I can remember.  Oftentimes these berries were picked in Atlanta, my dad’s old stomping grounds, as a 1948 graduate of Atlanta High School.  He knew where to find them, whether wild blueberries or blackberries.  Over time the landscape has changed and some of these patches have migrated.  But who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?  And fresh berries are most certainly a treasure!  Between the many pies, and homemade wine, my dad’s pursuit of … Read More