Making Sense Of Deer Scents.

Tom LounsburyBucks n Bears

Probably the most overlooked sense of humans as predators is the sense of smell. Yet we move through a world filled with odors, many of which can even jog the memory of past events. The odor of freshly baked pumpkin pie and roasted turkey for instance puts me in mind of Thanksgiving every time. The combined odor of Hoppe’s gun solvent and freshly brewed coffee reminds me of deer camp. Military snipers are a key example of tuning in all their senses, including that of smell, to locate their opponents. When in the field, snipers … Read More

What happened when I stopped baiting deer?

Jim KushnerBucks n Bears

I stopped shooting 4 & 6 point bucks & started shooting 8 & 10 point bucks. I also started seeing fewer deer than when I was baiting. That was one of the hardest things I had to get used to but eventually I became convinced that I just wasn’t going to have success with bigger bucks as long as I was continually seeing and spooking the same groups of young deer. (left) Author’s impressive wall of whitetail fame of northern Michigan. I do have the advantage of having lived and hunted the same piece of … Read More

Bear Hunting Michigan’s Remote U.P. (incl. podcast) – part II

Tom LounsburyBucks n Bears

Staring out a window slit for several hours until dark may sound like a boring aspect to some folks, but I’ve never been bored waiting for a bear to show up, which can happen at any time and it is truly amazing how an animal so big can suddenly materialize without making a sound. Unlike deer with hooves, bears move about on soft foot pads, and their dense fur glides silently through the brush. I spend my time admiring the flora and any critters that may appear, and stay focused. I even named a pair … Read More

Bear Hunting Michigan’s Remote U.P. (incl. podcast) -part I

Tom LounsburyBucks n Bears

  Early fall black bear hunting has been a passion of mine for over 30 years now, and I love the entire atmosphere of a bear camp, whether it is in a simple tent under some primitive conditions, or in a cabin with all the amenities. Personally, the older I get, the more I appreciate the latter form, although I’ll take whatever I can get to be a part of bear camp. Bear camp shares all the similarities of deer camp except for the daily timeframe for hunting. Unlike deer camp where you are out … Read More

Michigan Bear Hunting Preparations (w/3 part Podcast).

Tom LounsburyBucks n Bears

    By:  Tom Lounsbury. That first bear hunt in the U.P. was a do-it-yourself affair with friends, and we didn’t set out any bear-baits until after we arrived for the hunt. Other than we knew we were in good bear country, we didn’t have a clue as to where any hotspots were. We had a great time camping out and being filled with the sense of anticipation for even seeing a bear, but the odds weren’t on our side. For that reason I began going on guided bear hunts in Ontario, Canada, because the … Read More

The Land Of Superior…as its affectionately called.

Wild Game DynastyBucks n Bears

In today’s society, instant gratification is virtually nonnegotiable.  We want it, and we want it now, whether “it” involves grabbing a burger from McDonald’s or speeding down the highway on your way home from work.  Simply put, we don’t like to wait around for stuff anymore.  If we don’t have to, we won’t. That attitude has trickled down to nearly every aspect of our lives, including deer hunting.  Growing up, the U.P. looked to me like a paradigm of the great outdoors.  It was brimming with wildlife, a special, almost mythical quality surrounding all it … Read More

Bear Prepared: Scouting Starts Today

Wild Game DynastyBucks n Bears

We all know a successful outdoor experience begins with adequate preparation…or, ‘scouting’ as it’s called by most hunters.  Scouting for bear hunting season is without exception.  My brother and I, (both guides & outfitters) talked about how scouting has changed.  Using Google maps, online topography, etc. along side of our traditional ways is now commonplace.  Our “pre-scouting” before going out-of-doors is critical, thus, our efforts likely begin months ahead.  Synergize our knowledge of the area with new technology and this gives us more than a visual of the area before our boots are on the … Read More

The Essence of Black Bear Hunting.

Tom LounsburyBucks n Bears

  By:  Tom Lounsbury. The May application period will be here before we know it with a deadline for applying for a Michigan black bear license (and elk license) being June 1st and I’m working on building up my points. I’m not expecting any miracles in getting an elk license but it is my goal is to harvest a Michigan black bear with a handgun, and I’m hoping I have enough points now. It has been a while since I’ve hunted bears in Michigan, although I’ve frequently bear hunted in Ontario, and I am looking … Read More

‘Twas bear season

Wild Game DynastyBucks n Bears

This winter I had the privilege of chatting with Richard P. Smith, outdoor writer/photographer, just before he headed off to a speaking engagement at an outdoor hunting and fishing show. Most know Richard for being an expert hunter, scoring many book bucks and bears. Because of his time outdoors, I classify him as a bear and deer behavior expert…with a wealth of information. Gary L. Morgan (GLM): After hunting for over 50 years, scoring several book bears, what can you share with our bear hunters…whether a first timer or having hunted for years? Richard P. … Read More

Deer season was marked by three milestone events

Bruce TerBeekBucks n Bears, Friends of ELO, Youth Hunts

This season marked my 60th consecutive season hunting Michigan whitetails.  When i was twelve my dad convinced my mother that I was old enough to join him and my uncle in their annual hunting trip.  was I excited!  camping in a tent and sleeping on a bed of straw covered with a canvas tarp.  My first rifle!  Dad had single shot 16 ga. shot gun with an interchangeable .30-30 rifle barrel.  I wanted a lever action Winchester like his but dad insisted that the single shot was a better choice for me.  Dad stressed marksmanship.  … Read More